From corrections officers to childcare educators, neuro-science nurses to long haul truckers Steph’s message resonate’s with everyone who fogs a mirror.
2020’s were mostly from remote/virtual programs (thanks COVID) but they are  here!
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When I come home from an engagement, The Hub always asks me, “How did it go?”
My answer is always the same, “I had fun!” (* except that one time)

The fact is if I’m having fun is a good sign because that means that the audiences are having fun, too and that’s when the best learning takes place.

But don’t take my word for it, if you are considering hiring me, take a look at the typical reviews from events across North America and see if you’d like your attendees to write similar comments after your next event!

* not everyone loves Steph, there was that one women from the Mayo Clinic who wrote that she thought Steph was ‘lost and hopeless’ – it’s a long story, just ask her about it!


For the academics:

According to an independent assessor, a pre- & post-event survey (based on paired samples t-test conducted using SPSS12) showed that after spending time in Stephanie’s sessions participants showed that they perceived statistically significant increases in feelings of:

  1. happiness
  2. hopefulness
  3. control
  4. empowerment to make necessary changes
  5. empowerment to create positive change in the world
  6. their knowledge of strategies to deal with stressors & challenges in their lives.

Needless to say, we are to happy to provide full methodological design and statistical analysis details upon request.


For the touchy, feely types:

“Stephanie is a funny, knowledgable, energetic and dynamic speaker. She is thought provoking, motivates, and is pragmatic; she has the ability to talk at your level. You leave her session inspired, happy and content, with a number of ideas and small steps to focus on your attitude and make your life more fulfilling.”
Garry Nenson
Executive Director & Regional Vice-President
The Canadian National Institute for the Blind

“I would highly recommend Stephanie Staples as a motivational speaker. Stephanie exudes energy, engages the audience, is thought provoking and leaves everyone with great takeaways for dealing with stress in this hectic world of juggling too many priorities. Stephanie is a “must see” if your organization is looking at reducing absenteeism due to stress, providing tips on balancing work-life issues, and believes in investing in its employees wellbeing for a more energized workforce.”
Evelyn Mayor
Director, Human Resources
Canada Drugs

“Crackling with energy and content, Stephanie is a highly inspiring expert who has the ability to inform, engage and motivate audiences to make positive changes in their work and in their lives!”
David Gouthro
The Consulting Edge

“Stephanie’s magnetic performance made us all feel good about ourselves, while challenging us to find new experiences that will boost our mood and improve our own health. Stephanie is a firecracker from the stage – energizing, informative and highly entertaining.”
Jennifer Buchanan
Music Therapist

“High energy, meaningful and entertaining and it’s the best way to learn!”
Robyn Normandale
HRM MB. Hydro

“Awesome – engaging – relevant -funny! Loved getting involved – it helps us learn.”
Barb Leteta
Mt. Royal University

“Stephanie’s presentation about improving your life is fun, high-energy, touching and realistic all at once.”
Brenda Catchpole

“I only need one word to describe you and your presentation – WOW!”
Cheryl Schofield

“This positive and informative session leaves you with so much energy it’s like you put Red Bull in your coffee pot!”
Colin Spangl

“Entertaining and invaluable!”
Colleen Walls
Mentorship Symposium

“Inspirational with concrete, practical strategies.”
D. Kenotis
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

“So energetic and inspiring it really makes me want to bring my “A” game!”
Jenna Johnston

“Life changing!”
Laurie Zaleski

“So amazing! It reset my personal growth button.”
Linda Brooks
 A.S.P.E.N Conference

“She gives a ‘real life’ presentation with useful information. Stephanie is humorous, energetic and has lots of great knowledge to share!”
Marilyn Valgardson

“A ‘positive’ kick in the pants!”
Marla Hartman
Saskatoon Health Region

“Empowering and motivating with great concepts that are easy to apply to our practice and personal lives.”
Megan Wood

“She was fun – engaging, fun – informative, fun – organized, did I say fun?”
Susan Daniels
South Carolina

Anna Samatchai
Northwest Regional College

“Stephanie has a very engaging way of speaking, teaching and personalizing the content to make it enjoyable.”
Jenn Persinger
RN Kansas

“She was practical, hilarious and thought provoking.”
Cheryl Bazin
LRSD teacher

“A passionate, positive, motivating and engaging speaker (and funny!).”
Val Broeska
Immigrant Center Manager

“Thank-you for the great retreat on Wednesday! I smiled so much my cheeks hurt by the end of the day!”
Critical Care Education Facilitator
Carman Hospital

“Stephanie is a vibrant, engaging speaker who will make you laugh, think and change your life.”
Suzanne St. Yves
Educational Interpreting Consultant

“Amazing. So much energy & positive-ness that it was contagious. Stephanie is genuine and it shows, she has put me on the right path towardxs a positive outlook.”
N. Zilkalns
Ontario Works

“She was amazing, so relatable. Her variety of training techniques & sharing personal stories made it fun, providing us with a human side perspective.”
Sandra Wallace, RN

“Thriving tips for those aren’t satisfied with merely surviving.”
Paul Buskell

“Excellent, a must hear!”
Ray Dueck
Credit Institute

“Outstanding – she is changing my life one workshop at a time.”
Manon Deschamps
Enterprising Women’s Conference

“Very insightful, high energy, motivating and a pleasure to be a part of.”
K. Friesen, LPN

“Fabulous, I saw you a few years ago and can’t get enough!”
Jacquie Sheldon

“This session gave me a new outlook and new ideas on how to lead my life at home and at my workplace.”
Amanda Walsh

“Truly inspiring.”
Maria Silva

“I feel I will be able to handle stressful situations easily!”

“Come in with an open mind and you will take something away from this. Stephanie is personable, positive and a great presenter. I had a great time & found it really challenging. I feel positive & hopeful.”
Suzanne LeClair
Mary Kardash Daycare

“Stephanie’s attitude warms you up & her energy is contagious. Her ability to take a problem to a level that is manageable is amazing.”

“Very valuable, down to earth, entertaining & inspirational.”
C. Sproat
Lord Roberts School

“Empowering stories.”
T. Sims
Enterprising Women’s Conference

“She is a passionate speaker that makes you think about what matters in life.”
Wayne Carrier

“You have been WONDERFUL to work with! We appreciate all the support you have given us and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you!”
Steve Curtin
VP, Content &

“It is an experience I will never forget, thank you!”
Michelle Leonard
Newfoundland Nurse

“Fun, educational, inspirational and beautiful!”
Liana Price

“Thought provoking, I want to start taking ‘action!’”
Mona K.
Health Canada

“I feel good about myself! Great speaker, motivational & knowledgeable.”
Crystal Law
Mb. Hydro

“Really fun & usable. It’s like getting a pep talk from your spunky best friend!”
Jackie Azure

“It was excellent. Humorous. Very able to respond (listened to what audience was saying) & take control of presentation.”
Mavis McPhail

“Stephanie’s presentation is stellar in both execution and content. You will take away so many key points.”
Tracy Serafini

“Uplifting, truthful, genuine.”
Clare Swanson
Ontario Nurse’s Association

“Contagious enthusiam. Your passion & zest for life inspires me to improve my outlook with action!”
Debbie Carlson
Ontario Works

“A ‘down to earth’ person who has discovered and embraced the secret of truly living a full life/actualization.”
Anne Guenther

“Vibrant, full of helpful tips.”
M. Landreville
Massage Therapy Association

“Powerful & practical.”
Angela Epp
Enterprising Women’s Conference

“I don’t think you have a clue on the impact you have made on me. You gave me hope Steph and strength and ideas and the boost I needed. So many of us need what you do!”
Kathleen Griffin Borchardt
Mayo Clinic Nurse

“I feel very enlightened, I would have liked to be 30 years younger and hearing you.”
General Vanier School

“Dynamic, energetic, personal, humorous – knows how to work the crowd!”
Rose Marie Holtman
Home Economist

“Stephanie was awesome and has great insight into personal improvement.”
Shirley Hard
Internationally Educated Nurses Assessment Center

“This session is really good, I wish I could take you to my workplace!”

“Energizing, very timely & thought provoking.”
M. Vandepol
Ontario Nurses Association

“Great session to attend with your co-workers, leave feeling energized with the tools to make positive change in your life.”

“Stephanie’s positive, upbeat message is one that we can all follow. I feel more in control of my own future/career.”
Leslie Herman
Health Canada

“I feel emboldened to move forward!”
Mb Hydro.

“Stephanie is incredibly personable, practical and light hearted. This will probably be life changing.”
J. Balcaen

“Wonderful, amazing, inspiring, energizing. Feel good, sound advice, use it and enjoy a better life.”

“Dynamic, energetic & energy generating! Very thoughtful & interactive. Also, very responsive & sensitive to individuals in audience, an amazing talent & art!”
Melanie Sabbagh
McGill Teaching Hospital

“Great speaker, very interesting at all times.”
Gerard Boisvert

“Stephanie is open, warm & positive, a breath of fresh air in this crazy world we live in. The only way to improve this session is to make it longer.”
Ceridian Canada

“You were absolutely amazing & are very gifted with helping others. You have moved us to make our workplace a better place.”
Mary Espiritus-Santos
Mary Kardash Daycare

“What you do makes a BIG difference.”

“It’s fun to be in Stephanie’s seminar! I like the way if makes me FEEL!”
Mb. Educator

“This session was a positive impact in my life, personal & professional.”
D. Whalen

“Time well spent, I learned a lot about myself.”
J. Boyechko
U of M

“A MUST attend.”
Colleen Irwin-Rodgers
Canada Government

“Life lessons made easy!”

“Motivating, positive, & patient. Makes you think differently than you may have before.”
Amber Brown

“I feel my spirit lifted, more energetic and hopeful.”

“A wonderful inspirational speaker.”
Peggy Buick
Fort LaBossiere School Division

“Fun, entertaining & very educational! You certainly found your ‘thing!’”
S. Paulson
Interlake Regional Health Authority

“I like the positiveness & exuberance that Stephanie emanated. She has an amazing way of interacting with the crowd in a ‘real’ way.”

“Sensational, uplifting!”
Paul Lostracco

“Awesome speaker! Enjoyed her enthusiasm! Excellent teaching strategy.”
Mayo Clinic Nurse

“Dynamic, motivating, practical & down to earth (and a gifted speaker).”
Diane Brooks Desjardins

“Full of energy, great motivator. Makes interaction of particpants fun. Help them feel energized & excited to make change for self.”
Joan Schelske
Ontario Works

“Very inspiring, wanting to start the changes in my life-validated that I can do it!”
L. Eden

“Inspirited, energetic, engaging!”
Donna Hourihan

“I was totally engaged – didn’t yawn once.”
Shiela Cross
RN Montreal, QC

“Empowering, eye-opening to choices.”
Pat Nolan
Fort Labossiere School Division

“I was moved to tears many times during this session. Enjoyed it tremendously. Left feeling so motivated & important!”
Valerlie O’Keefe

“The choices for a better life seem quite clear now.”
Laura Hackman

“Great speaker, never a dull moment!”
Shelley Wilson
Organization & Staff Development

“This type of ‘wellness’ activity on a regular basis would exponentially improve & maintain my health.”
Louise Murray
Jewish General Hospital

“You will come out empowered!”
Genereal Vanier School

“Best speaker I had heard from all the conferences I have attended in the past six years.”
Mayo Clinic Nurse

“Real- down to earth – very relatable. Everyone can grow from this.”

“Fantastic speaker, she is motivated and makes you feel the same way!”
M. Williams

“Excellent speaker, extremely motivational. So many wonderful ideas!”
April Doucette
New Brunswick Nurse

“Enthusiastic, able to adapt to her audience and stick with us until we started to open up.”
Cheryl Harkness

“Caught the audience head, heart & soul.”
Andre Deschenes
Jewish General Hospital

“I feel empowered, thank you !!”

“Dynamic speaker who provides awesome examples. Engages audience without making anyone feel put on the spot.”

“A breath of fresh air.”
Sandy Sandhan
McGill Teaching Hospital

“The speaker was dynamic and really put a perspective on living life to it’s fullest.”
H. Cheasley

“Engaging , warm, funny and very, very motivating!”
B. Robinson

“Very motivating, helped me to find my hidden coping skills and how to maintain them.”
Joyce Certosini
McGill Teaching Hospital

“High energy & FUN!”
Shannon Guerreiro
Health Science Center

“So motivating, it made me feel powerful.”
Ceridian Canada

“She is a powerful & inspirational speaker.”
Judy Bosko

“Awesome, heart touching.”
Marie Clayton

“Lots of fun, informative-Stephanie is a hoot & very intelligent.”
Anne Lenius
Mb Government

“Excellent speaker who had all 200 of the group involved. You sure made me feel better about myself.”
NB Participant

Chris Hanstead

“Excellent speaker, I would attend again, I feel better!”
Joseph Caligiur

“Highly recommend for every individual.”
Khosrow Hakimzadeh
University of Manitoba

“Good interaction with everyone in the group, knowledgeable and fun!”

“An experience for everyone.”
Joyce Webber

“I feel refreshed & rejuvenated. You have the most interesting session I have ever seen.”

“Gives hope and strength to empower yourself and gives you the ‘kick in the butt’ to change your life to make it better.”
Marie Claude Germain

“Walk in with an open mind & a willingness to be empowered.”

“I feel invigorated and excited to put these new skills to work.”
R. Ongenae

“Witty, funny, not afraid of words, powerful, inspiring, eye opening presentation.”
Chantal Careau RN
Montreal, QC

“The boost I needed personally that will strengthen me professionally.”
Mayo Clinic Nurse

“She is just totally a pleasure, the afternoon was not enough time for all her great thoughts, superb!”

“We need a ‘dose’ of Stephanie at least 12 times a year!”
Mayo Clinic Nurse

“Best session I have attended in years!”
Mike O’Dell

“This session should be MANDATORY for all.”
Barb Blue
Interlake Regional Health Authority

“A delightful, fresh view of life.”

“High energy, very positive. Highly entertaining, lots of useful info.”
Marsha Gilles

“You have made me think & re-evaluate where I am in my life and how I react to people around me and my surroundings, and help me handle things differently and more positively.”
Mayo Clinic Nurse

“Dynamic, doable-makes me realize that ‘I CAN!’”
Colleen Appleyard

“Very informative without being preachy. Used techniques and topics that can be used in every aspect of life.”
C. Rudyk

“She is a little power train!”
Donna Vautour

“Stephanie is a great inspiration for work and home!”
Julie Morissette
Health Canada

“Real, genuine, passionate-can relate to people from different areas of life/development. Relatable. Thank you for sharing your time with us.”
Elaine Bronsdon
Health Science Center

“Very liberating & inspirational.”
Cara Kennedy
Enterprising Women’s Conference

“Every person who works with children should see this presentation.”
Lord Roberts School

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