Before you go on holidays, Read This!


They call him the squeaky cheese guy.

You know when you are around someone who is so passionate about life and connecting and their vocation and people – it actually fills your heart to overflowing.

David Beaudin, The Canadian Cheese Ambassador, is such a man. This Quebecer who transplanted himself to the Okanogan Valley in British Canada and created an amazing niche and life, left us in awe being in his presence.

After a recent professional retreat, we were fortunate enough to be invited into his world for a few hours. I don’t think his intent was to inspire us, but that’s exactly what he did just by being himself.

He shared with us his love of cheese. Beautiful, delicious, Canadian-made cheese. Cheese that is made on small farms by farmers who care about the land and the animals, farmers whose values mirror his own. He talked about the cheese with such revere, we didn’t dare take a bite until he had told us its history.

Cheese shaved into the shape of a carnation. Blue Cheese and white chocolate combined, cheese paired with different wines, balsamic vinegars, specialty crackers, maple syrup and local honey.

A little sample of our cheese discovery day!

It’s travel season and according to David, when you travel, the three things you should try is a local cheese, a local wine, and a honey because they are all influenced by geography. #NewToME

He talked about eating our food in a similar fashion to how we enjoy fine wine – to look at it, smell it, touch it, savour it. Imagine if we did this with our food – we would eat slower, that’s for sure!

When David talked, people not only listened, they leaned in to listen. That is passion in action.

What are you so passionate about that it makes people want to lean in to listen?

Take some time this summer to explore, share or find your passion, it’s just one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited!


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  1. You are an amazing human being! Thank you for the outstanding positive ripple effect you create around you! The world is a greater place because you are in it!



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