Feeling Deflated?

Hop on the front of my bike and I’ll take you for a little ride. This chat is about you and it’s important. Enjoy the ride! Do you like the video messages or the text ones better? Declare it to be a great week and make it so, Steph 🙂 … Continue reading Feeling Deflated?


73 year of inspiration!


I met Jo-ann on day 4 of her 5 day expedition. I had heard other guests at our hostel talking about her amazingness earlier so I was excited to meet this Connecticut woman. If I still did my radio show, she would be exactly the type of person I would … Continue reading 73 year of inspiration!



Things are not always what they seem. Here I am jumping into a pool of water in Costa Rica. Looks like fun, eh? Doesn’t look like a big deal., does it? Now watch this one… To me, this was a huge deal. I was petrified. There are 5 more videos … Continue reading Jump!


Unplug your nose! 🏊‍♀️

Unplug your nose!

Welcome to 2020! I’m excited to re-appreciate all that is going well and to welcome new opportunities, are you? What happened to the man who shoplifted a calendar on New Year’s Eve? He got 12 months!  🙄  😂 Learning Something Overdue While insisting that all three of our kids continue with … Continue reading Unplug your nose! 🏊‍♀️


Add It!

Sometimes it’s hard to stop doing thing, even if you know it’s in your best interest to stop. You know you ‘should’ stop, but it’s hard. Taking things away, can feel like a punishment. Instead, you might want to try adding something good, instead of subtracting something bad. For example, … Continue reading Add It!


Open Wide!

Sometimes our brains are so used to seeing things the same way that we have always seen them, the way we were taught long ago or the way other people see them. If the way you are viewing a situation isn’t helping you, maybe you need to get your mind … Continue reading Open Wide!


Show up and Roll Up!

  Some people will do anything for a cookie. Though it’s true you can get your fill of sweet and salty snacks when you donate blood, that of course is but a tiny perk in the selfless act of donating blood. The fact is, if everyone who could donate did donate … Continue reading Show up and Roll Up!


Take it and Take it!


  I will never forget the first time I went to a new friend’s house. I was looking at the photos she had displayed of her and her honey and I said to her, “You have a nice-looking husband.” And she said, “Oh you don’t have to say that.” 😱 … Continue reading Take it and Take it!