Save some compassion for yourself!

Your mental health is not a check-in-once-a-year-during-Mental-Health-Awareness-Month kind of thing, it’s an all-the-time-pay-attention-to-yourself kind of thing. In the video above I give my 2 cents in 3 minutes.  kudos to CiiAT May is also Caregiver Appreciation Month – who deserves your thanks? For me it’s my sister, Lorraine, who is currently spending most of … Continue reading Save some compassion for yourself!


Do you know what’s exhausting? 

The Personal Connection

Do you know what’s exhausting?  Trying to be everything to everyone. 👌🏽 Trying to please everyone. 🙏 Trying to be happy, satisfied, motivated et al, all the time. 😀 Trying to guess what people want. 🍽 Trying to fit in places where you want to belong. 💁🏻‍♀️ Trying to fit in places where … Continue reading Do you know what’s exhausting? 


What do you really like?

I’m giving away the farm and while I’m not on the frontlines anymore, I can still help. If you are/know of an essential worker who would value and benefit from a coaching session with me, today could be a lucky day! I will take the first 10 people, no charge, no strings, for a complimentary … Continue reading What do you really like?


Listen up!

Emotional Wellness in Turbulent Times Want to be a fly on the wall? You can listen in for free to this 40 minute program (below) where I will take you through a three step process to help you navigate your emotions and leave you with tools to use immediately to feel more hopeful, more in … Continue reading Listen up!



Whatever you are feeling – despair, overwhelm, frustration, sadness, it’s ok, it’s real. You aren’t crazy, you aren’t the only one feeling like this, let yourself feel what you feel. And then feel something different. Whatever you aren’t doing perfectly – work, parenting, relationships. It’s ok, you don’t need to … Continue reading Whatever!


Social Distancing…

Social Distancing

I’m self-isolating because I was in the States last week (plus it’s the right thing to do). I miss my activities and my friends. It’s not yee-haw fun, but it’s certainly not the worst thing in the world. Every keynote engagement I had booked has been cancelled. This means no income; … Continue reading Social Distancing…