The Art of Conversation

I have decided to own something that I’m good at. I’m good at making conversation. Probably because I actually like people and I really enjoy a good conversation – in fact I crave it. The Hub would joke with me that I could go into a public restroom and come … Continue reading The Art of Conversation


Ay Caramba

It’s always a beautiful end to my year, the annual conference for my professional speaking association (CAPS). This year I was not on stage and I did not have a big volunteer role, mostly I was there to learn, share, grow and belong – the four words that encapsulate our … Continue reading Ay Caramba


2018 Year in Review

From Plastic Surgeons to Police Sergeants, from Nanaimo to Nashville, from fancy-schmancy corporate events like IBM in Las Vegas to quaint old movie theater events in small town North Dakota – I was blessed with another great year of sharing my message from the stage in all its various forms. … Continue reading 2018 Year in Review


2018 Audience Feedback

Here are some typical testimonials from Steph’s 2018 programs and if you feel the urge to read more you can check out past year’s testimonials here!   “Our conference LOVED Stephanie! It’s not easy to keep people in the room during the final session on the final day of a … Continue reading 2018 Audience Feedback


A Grateful Heart

It started off as a business meeting but it was to be in an unusual setting, you see Frances worked from a home office and her home was on a private island. Toad’s Landing as it was affectionately called was a nearby piece of paradise. Measuring out at just over … Continue reading A Grateful Heart


Better Relationships…

Feel Good

                                Today’s going to be fast but important. You want to have a better relationship with… anyone? It’s really simple, make people feel good about themselves! Coming from a place of being genuine, real, truthful … Continue reading Better Relationships…


Do Today

I visited a friend. It wasn’t a normal visit and in fact it wasn’t even a normal friendship. We played on the same sports team, we had mutual friends, we had been in the same business. All was good. And then we went and did a business deal together and … Continue reading Do Today


Leave your Legacy!

Leave Your Legacy

August is Leave Your Legacy month. I don’t know how it came about or what the history of it is but I like it! Not to get depressing but we ain’t gonna be around forever. We may have decades, years, months – who knows? Using a month as a cue … Continue reading Leave your Legacy!



Brian Glow

After a 6 month hiatus it was great fun to head back into the studios at CJOB and record a couple of Your Life, Unlimited shows! World renowned illusionist and philanthropist Brian Glow shared the air waves with me and he’s one inspiring man who lives life to the fullest! You … Continue reading Glow!