It’s a Different World Now.

It's a Different World Now

Sometimes we need to listen, sometimes we need to speak up and sometimes we need to sing. Sending love to all of you, thank you for letting me feel comfortable enough to share and be vulnerable, Steph 🙂


To the ladies of your life!

In case you don’t get to see my beautiful mom on the national news tonight – here it a peek! #grateful Mother’s Day. A day to reflect, to acknowledge, to appreciate. Today, I am thinking about my friends that will be spending their first Mother’s Day without their moms physically … Continue reading To the ladies of your life!


Listen up!

Emotional Wellness in Turbulent Times Want to be a fly on the wall? You can listen in for free to this 40 minute program (below) where I will take you through a three step process to help you navigate your emotions and leave you with tools to use immediately to feel more hopeful, more in … Continue reading Listen up!



Whatever you are feeling – despair, overwhelm, frustration, sadness, it’s ok, it’s real. You aren’t crazy, you aren’t the only one feeling like this, let yourself feel what you feel. And then feel something different. Whatever you aren’t doing perfectly – work, parenting, relationships. It’s ok, you don’t need to … Continue reading Whatever!


Social Distancing…

Social Distancing

I’m self-isolating because I was in the States last week (plus it’s the right thing to do). I miss my activities and my friends. It’s not yee-haw fun, but it’s certainly not the worst thing in the world. Every keynote engagement I had booked has been cancelled. This means no income; … Continue reading Social Distancing…


Women Rock, Right?


Happy International Woman’s Day It’s perfect day (as is every day, actually) to tell a woman that’s important to you, why you think she is magnificent. Whether she brought you into the world, makes your world a better place or loves you when you are being unlovable – you don’t need a … Continue reading Women Rock, Right?


28 ideas, Just pick 1 !

28 ideas, Just pick 1

Love, love me do. February is the month dedicated to love. Love your parents, love your partner, love your pets, love your kids, friends, family, community, etc. etc. etc. Yes, do that, please. My invitation this month is to do something to show you love yourself. No justifications, no explanations, … Continue reading 28 ideas, Just pick 1 !


Steph Unedited!

Something different for the summer, here are three short (< 2 minutes each) ‘Steph Unedited’ videos to share a few ideas to help you live…wait for it…Your Life, Unlimited! Let me know if you like the video format or if you prefer reading. Happy August, Steph 🙂