What Defines You?

What do you think? George was shocked at the event he went to. Everyone took turns introducing themselves and as he listened, he heard things like this… “I’m Mary, I have 2 kids, one is a doctor and one is a lawyer.” “I’m Joe, I have 2 daughters, one is … Continue reading What Defines You?


Got Stress? Get Solutions!

With over 80% of all illnesses attributed to stress to some degree, it’s really amazing more time, energy and research money isn’t being put into this topic. When I interviewed Aila Accad (the author of ’34 Instant Stress Busters- Quick tips to de-stress fast with no extra time or money’) … Continue reading Got Stress? Get Solutions!


3 Tips for SUCCESS!

The Compound Effect –  Book review … This easy to read book by the publisher of my favorite magazine (SUCCESS) doesn’t disappoint in giving actionable ideas to move your life forward. Here are a few ‘keepers’ you might enjoy … 1) Instead of asking,”What do I need to do to … Continue reading 3 Tips for SUCCESS!