Ready to unpack?🎒

I love unpacking, it means I’m home. Granted, I haven’t unpacked a suitcase in a while but I love unpacking disagreements, challenges, and situations that I would love to have been handled better. Why? Because it means I am better prepared for next time. Don’t get me wrong, I can … Continue reading Ready to unpack?🎒



Another imperfect, but written with love and gratitude, song for all our hardworking, brilliant and caring nurses out there. Please share with a nurse you know and thank them for their role in keeping us safe. I hope they get a chance to benefit from the Nurses Week Resiliency Reboot 2021. #PassItOn … Continue reading Boundaries


Do you ever get cranky?

There’s yet another great look! ⬆️🙄  Does it make you wonder what I’m talking about? It’s about being cranky. I’m sure that never happens to you, but in case other people in your life get cranky now and then, you may want to watch this 2- minute clip. 🤬 *** … Continue reading Do you ever get cranky?


Welcome Here NSB Clients!

Welcome here, NSB Clients! It was my pleasure to present for you, I hope you have some actionable takeaways you can use both at work and at home. To continue the learning just pop your name and email in the “Bring Your ‘A’ Game” orange field to the right (or it … Continue reading Welcome Here NSB Clients!


Do you know what’s exhausting? 

The Personal Connection

Do you know what’s exhausting?  Trying to be everything to everyone. 👌🏽 Trying to please everyone. 🙏 Trying to be happy, satisfied, motivated et al, all the time. 😀 Trying to guess what people want. 🍽 Trying to fit in places where you want to belong. 💁🏻‍♀️ Trying to fit in places where … Continue reading Do you know what’s exhausting?