The Remote Audiences for 2020 Weigh In…

Well, as a speaker who made my living from stages and live audience events, 2020 was, quite frankly, a bit of a devastation for me from a work perspective.  We are healthy, so I make special mention that it’s just my work that was devasted as many, many events were cancelled or postponed.
After a couple of months of ‘sabbatical,’ virtual events started to gain traction and although I was nervous at first, I was so relieved to see that my message and style of delivery was still well-received, needed and actionable despite being delivered virtually.
Remote is not the same, but it can still be great and it sure beats waiting until the crisis is over to give people the tools that they can use to improve their quality of life now, despite or because of what’s going on.
I’d love to talk with you to see if I’d be a great fit to help you and your team in 2021!
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Meanwhile, here is some light reading… ; )
2020 Audience feedback for remote programs (and we did squeeze a couple of live events in before lockdown) 
“Thank you so much for the fantastic (remote)presentation you did for SCWW.  We would love to have you back for a future term to re-inspire us all, again. We were thoroughly entertained by your music, as well as inspired by your positive attitude and words of encouragement during this very trying time (COVID-19) of isolation.” Lydia Robertson, Program Assistant, SCWW
“I attended your presentation and follow-up discussion at the Chicago PMI seminar. Thank you very much. You make the event worth the investment in time and money. Your tips were great and your presentation of them with the “paper point” was novel and engaging.” Mary J. Muza, Mary J. Muza, MS,PMP,CPHIMS
“You were just absolutely excellent! You did a great job of engaging the audience and providing ideas for working through these stressful times. I found myself laughing, shaking my head yes, and I got a lot out of your talk. I hope you feel like you exceeded what you hoped for. That’s how we feel!” Rhonda Simmons, Montana Healthcare Association
“You rocked today! Loved your presentation. Probably my favourite in the last decade! Loved your songs, your humour and all the tips. I took notes all 3 hrs. Have an awesome bike ride tomorrow. You have
impacted my life and moved me to make positive changes one little bite at a time.” Darlene Hixson, School Division 79
“Your information was timely and relevant in light of the current pandemic. Your light-hearted spirit was uplifting, and the ideas you provided for self-care and self-nurturing were practical and important to hear during this intense time. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness in creating a professional environment for your virtual presentation, and the time you took to prepare props to engage the audience and keep your presentation lively and interactive.  It was such a pleasure working with you and getting to know you.” Rhonda J. Simmons Montana Health Care Association
“Your presentation was certainly helped make our virtual conference a success! We will definitely be contacting you about a future presentation.” Rose Hughes ED MHCA – Montana Healthcare Association
“VALUABLE, 5/5!” Terry Ortynsky, Principal, CEO  Royal Ford
“Wonderfully real.” James Reimer, IT Director  – Decor Cabinets
“Loved your inspirational attitude, you are delivering a distinct, succinct, entertaining message with contemporary intelligence. It was a therapeutic awakening with lasting impact.” Ashley Leibl, CEO Sturgeon Tire
“She made me pause, think and reflect. 5/5. ” Stan Pauls,  CEO  Decor Cabinets
“Excellent job! I’m inspired to make small incremental changes to have a fu**ing awesome life!” Bob Spriggs, CEO Vector Group
“Steph is brilliant! And dynamic, raw, real & fun!” Jonathon Robert, CEO Crushrite
“I loved it!” Kim Bishop, CEO Prairie Mobile
“She provides the ‘tools’ to do what you always wanted to do but maybe didn’t know how.” Adam Hunter, Director of Accounting & Finance Bockstael Construction
“Thought-provoking.”Andrew DeFehr, CEO DeFehr Furniture
“Steph gets the point across with impact and we want her back. 5/5.” Barry Bernhard, TEC Chair
“Bright, interesting & involving. Totally worth a ‘lost’ afternoon.” Arlene Cearns, Peter Walford Dentistry
“Amazing skills for empowerment!” Camry Petillo, SCO
“Steph has a contagious energy and her programs strive to bring out the best in you!” Amy Greco Behaviour Specialist
“Powerful!” Lorraine Totten, Program Manager SCO New York
“Fun, real, relevant.” Chris Byrnes, Byrnes Media CEO
“Real-life lessons on how to work better together.” Jasmine Donable, New Yori Support Specialist
“Entertaining, engaging and has the ability to get people out of their comfort zones!” Cindy Rodney, SCO
“Energetic, engaging, thought-provoking, humorous, and inspiring with a splash of quirky charm!” Kristen Hunters – School Psychologist
“If you want to give a team a treat (that’s not food again) I highly recommend the ReVITALize your Life and Work session. Fun, interactive and highly engaging…the best time I’ve had on Zoom in awhile! And the information presented was so relevant and useful. I’ve found tips Stephanie gave us coming into my mind all the time since the session. Stephanie gifts you with so many practice ideas to bring more peace, joy, and love into your life both at home and work. My team loved it and we plan to incorporate ReVITALize into our meetings and in our work with clients and each other.” Catharine Berghuis
Public Health Nursing Coordinator at Island Health
“Our group had an amazing presentation from Steph. She was an outstanding speaker who was able to captivate the attention of university students and that’s no easy feat! Fun and learning all in one power-packed program!” Bennett Vivian, BSc University of Victoria
 “You are so inspiring, and I can’t wait to get back to work and share my positive thoughts and leadership style that I have learned from you and this conference.”
Becky Knox, Cameron Hospital
 “I love the energy and feel empowered to not only apply what I learned to my work life, but also to my personal life as well.”
Elissa Moore, Curry Health Network
“Energizing new ideas.”
Sandy Dixon, Weston County Health Services
“Great information to stay positive!”
– Kathleen Langan, Presentation Medical Center
– Claudia Alire, Rio Grande Hospital
– Chris Baker, Fairfield Memorial Hospital
“Great energy. Fun. Thought-provoking.”
– Sara Speidel, Marion General Hospital
“Stephanie was awesome as usual!”
– Laura Yoder, Presentation Medical Center
“She is a great speaker. Enjoyed her very much.”
– Rosalind Casillas, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
– Stephanie Sheryl Martinez, Weston County Hospital Services
– Kacy Botkin, Weston County Health Services
“This was an amazing presentation! I took a lot of notes and I am going to take them back and teach the other SEA’s.”
– Hailey McElfresh, Pike County Memorial Hospital
“Very inspiring and engaging!”
– Kylie Wilkinson, Rio Grande Hospital Clinic
“Loved her ideas, inspirational, energetic.”
– Sandra Caldwell, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
“Your energy and message always empower me!”
– Joani Boger, Loring hospital
“This was amazing. Stephanie should definitely be a keynote speaker.”
– Darren Schmitz, Community Memorial Healthcare
“My note sheet is full of inspiration to take back with me. Thank you for sharing.”
– Michelle Ray, Blue Mountain Hospital
“Energizing new ideas.”
– Sandy Dixon, Weston County Health Services
“This was refreshing in that it offered real-life examples of personal experiences that stimulated thought and reflection.”
– Bob Bjerstedt, Grand River Health
“Always Great and the storytelling is perfect.”
– Phyllis Zilm, Grand River Health, Rifle, CO
“Always Exceptional! Thank you for reminding me to know your bigger purpose, inspire, and to support others.”
– Melissa Handforth, GSHCS
“You are so inspiring, and I can’t wait to get back to work and share my positive thoughts and leadership style that I have learned from you and this conference.”
– Becky Knox, Cameron Hospital
 “Annual CAHPS Symposium – HCAHPS Nursing Skills”, and breakout session “Inspired Leadership: How to Keep Yourself and Others Motivated and Inspired” wowed our conference attendees, who rated them a 4.94 and 4.79 out of 5, respectively.
Brian Lee, Founder Healthcare Service Excellence Conference
“Outstanding!” Shaun Rae Meyer, Administrator, Perkins County Hospital, NE
“Excellent!” Jolene Lobner, Director of Nursing PCHS Grant Hospital
“Stephanie is a fun, entertaining, inspiring and motivational presenter.  Engaging the audience even in a virtual situation.  Her advice was not only insightful she shared how to implement the advice in the real world.  Never making her audience feel bad if for not doing everything she suggested.  I cannot wait to start implementing her advice.” Janice Unrath, CPA, PMP – Illinois.
“I wanted to reach out to tell you that was just awesome. It was perfect for our crowd – direct and practical steps to turn things around when we’re down. I saw everyone writing, and we’ve already gotten wonderful feedback (unsolicited, so you know it’s real) from our members about your presentation. I admired the way you still tied everything together. Seriously – kudos.” Jocelyne Nicolas, Association Manager
Professional Property Managers Association
“Great presentation!  I got a lot out of it and the feedback was all very positive.  Thank you so much!!” Sandra Sumner, Associate VP – Property Management
“She always makes me think outside the box!”
– Katie Sturdevant, Good Shepherd Health Care
“Wonderful suggestions.”
Sammy Jo Malouff, San Luis Valley Health
“Really great communication strategies for work and personal life.”
– Liz Edghill, Family Health Centers
“I love the energy and feel empowered to not only apply what I learned to my work life, but also to my personal life as well.”
– Elissa Moore, Curry Health Network
“Great session.”
– Crista Minnick, Crossroads Community Hospital
“Engaging and energetic!!”
– Dolly Giles, Pike County Memorial Hospital
“Great! Got so many great ideas thank you.”
– Rosalind Casillas, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
“Excellent presenter, lots of group discussions, really enriching.”
– Abdulai Koroma, Potomac Falls Health and Rehab Center
“I enjoy Stephanie’s sessions every time I get to listen. Thank you so much.”
– Wendy Parsons, Good Shepherd Health Care System
“Excellent speaker with powerful information. Thank you so much for doing what you do.”
Teresa Wright, Rush Memorial Hospital
“I loved everything about her presentation. Her stories and personality really motivated and spoke to me. I loved that she did not use a PowerPoint!”
Becky Knox, Cameron Memorial Hospital
“Real, raw, practical advice for making life better for yourself and accepting and appreciating who you are.”  Melaine Shuck, Hearing Specialish
Leading AGE
“Dynamic & valuable message.” Linda Carpenter, DON Nebraska
“Outstanding!” Shaun Rae Meyer, Administrator
“Amazing!” Sandy Tilson, Director of Assisted Living
“Real, practical advice!” Lois Jordan, CEO
“Awesome!” Brad Cheek, Administrator
“Energy, fun, passion & knowledge, all in one great keynote!” Laura DeBoer, DON
“Very interesting, helpful & fun!” Sue Oman, DON?
“She is awesome!” Janet Lytton, Administrator
“Excellent & inspiring!” Jolene Lobner, DON
“Amazing, helpful & inspiring!” Miranda Isernhagen, Administrator
“Our organization, LeadingAge Nebraska, booked Stephanie Staples for our 2020 Spring Conference and the comments following her presentation were outstanding. Some of the comments we heard from attendees were: ‘Dynamic and valuable message’; ‘excellent and inspiring’; ‘real practical advice’; ‘very inspirational, a great way to start our conference…she personally touched me’ and ‘energy, fun, passion and knowledge, all in one great keynote!’ You know your speaker has hit a home run when 100% of the respondents to our exit evaluation responded ‘YES’ to the question ‘Overall, were you satisfied with the program?’ Thank you, Stephanie, for a wonderful, inspiring and valuable presentation. Also, thanks to MidAmerica Speakers Bureau for suggesting her…she was a perfect fit for our event!”
Natalie McCormick, Director of Marketing & Professional Development
Some clients from 2020:

Leading Age – Nebraska

Assante Wealth Management

Ashton Tax 

Cowichan School District 79

Farm Credit Canada

Lawyer’s Financial

Shoreline Dental

Canadian Association of Medical Device Reprocessing

Baragar Educational Services

Medical Group Management Association of Canada

Saskatchewan Women in Agriculture 

Edmonton Police Services

Montana Healthcare Association

Western Medical Center

Allen Parish Hospital

Rochelle County Hospital

TEC – Wpg

Coast Waste Management Association

Manitoba Society of Occupational Therapists

Professional Property Managers Association

Certified Dental Assistants of British Columbia

Chicagoland PMI

PeelCAN- Child Development Resource Connection

City of Winnipeg


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