55 Alive – Don’t do this Challenge!

My Inchipinchi (my bestie) and I are starting a challenge for the new year and I know I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this and it is going to be overwhelming for many of you so I seriously don’t want you to join us. I’m just going to tell you about it.

Almost everything about New Year’s resolutions rings hollow and many of them leave us feeling deflated before January is even over. Still, there is something about a fresh start that is, well refreshing, and I ‘cue’ that I just can’t resist.

Inspired by a full-time nurse friend of mine who just finished a wicked challenge called 75 Hard, my Inchipinchi and I decided to create our own challenge for 55 days – thus the name (and our ages).  We each made some goals that matched where are at as individuals. Designed to be a good stretch, but doable, for the duration, each of the first 55 days of 2021.

Here are my daily commitments:

-track my food (all of it!)
-40 minutes of outdoor exercise & 40 minutes of indoor exercise
-minimum 12 hour daily fast
-minimum 2 litres of water (1/2 gallon for my US friends)
-minimum 10 minutes of meditation
-minimum 15 minutes of non-fiction reading

Here are Inchi’s
-no alcohol or junk food
-40 minutes of outdoor exercise & 40 minutes of indoor exercise
-minimum 2 litres of water (1/2 gallon)
-minimum 10 minutes of meditation
-minimum 15 minutes of non-fiction reading

The reward for completion is completion, and hopefully feeling great physically and mentally! It is not about weight loss, it’s about doing something hard, it’s about commitment, it’s about the process, it’s about supporting each other, it’s about staying connected over the miles.

The punishment for me, if I don’t complete all the actions for the day, will be a cold shower the following day – and I hate cold showers, so I’m not planning to miss is a day!

So if I don’t want you to join me, why am I sharing this with you? Because I would like to encourage you to do something that will shake some positive life into you to start the new year.  As 2020 proved, we can do hard things and I for one am ready to begin a better year.

If you want to pass, I get it, send me good vibes and carry on your way. But…if you have an inkling to do something hard then start, there is nothing magical about January 1.  Create your own challenge, make up your own rules, maybe enlist a partner or click reply and commit to me. Pick a number of days.

Choose one or a few challenges ( I suggest from different categories; physical, spiritual, social, nutrition, intellectual etc.), make them very specific (like ours) and off you go!

Whatever you try (or don’t), know that I’m cheering for you in 2021! Steph 🙂

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