3 Tips for SUCCESS!

The Compound Effect –  Book review …

This easy to read book by the publisher of my favorite magazine (SUCCESS) doesn’t disappoint in giving actionable ideas to move your life forward. Here are a few ‘keepers’ you might enjoy …

1) Instead of asking,”What do I need to do to accomplish my goals?” Ask yourself, “Who do I have to become in order to achieve my goals.”

2) Success people and unsuccessful people have one thing in common, they both hate doing the same things. For example, getting up early to write or exercise. The difference is successful people DO them anyway!

3) Bookend your day. Have a few pro-active, positive things you do first thing in the morning and last thing at night – and do them religiously. This way no matter what happens in your day, you will start strong and finish strong.

I think you will be able to pull some useful insights from The Compound Effect.



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