3 Life Lessons ‘To Go’ Please

I went for burger but got more than I bargained for at this Saskatchewan burger chain.
Besides my burger, which I ‘ate in,’ there were three things that I ‘took out.’

1)  The message from their sign that said, “Taste Takes Time.”  Yes, I agree.  Lots of things that are great take time and we are in such a rush that we often miss the good stuff.  Slow down, many things are worth the wait.

2)  A man came in to join a young woman and two small children.  He was high fiving and kissing and playing with them, as he left the young woman said, “Say bye to Uncle James.”  Uncle.  Wow, pretty impressive.  Had he just popped in to meet them for lunch.  Outstanding. I ought to do something like that with the little ones in my life. Little things matter.

3) “Number 74, your order is ready.”  I could hear the smile in her voice as she called each number carefully. I watched her work while I was in the restuarant.  Smiling as she served her customers, smiling as she cleared the tables, smiling as she sweep the floor, smiling as she came to my table to compliment my scarf.  This senior lady didn’t have to be working at a burger joint but as she said, “I keeps me from stealing hubcaps!”  What would she do with the hubcaps – you wonder, well, make earrings of course!  Barb delighted in her job and knows that if her smile can help just one person’s day get a little brighter, it’s well worth it.  Very inspiring, Barb!  One smile, no charge, big change!

I went for a burger, but my ‘to go’ order was even better than the beef!


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