Amp it up!

  What were you doing Sunday nights? if you were listening to her, I won’t tell. 😉 It just so happened it was her 91st birthday when I saw her documentary this month at the Victoria Film Festival. It left my friend and I so inspired, so impressed and so … Continue reading Amp it up!


Open Wide!

Sometimes our brains are so used to seeing things the same way that we have always seen them, the way we were taught long ago or the way other people see them. If the way you are viewing a situation isn’t helping you, maybe you need to get your mind … Continue reading Open Wide!


Fun’s fun, right?


What’s your favorite type of fun? Fun’s fun, right? Well, not necessarily. There’s some discussion about different types of fun and here’s the Your Life, Unlimited version… F1– Yippee, I love it, it’s enjoyable, I’m laughing, I’m connecting, it feels good in my heart, mind, and soul. It’s fun thinking … Continue reading Fun’s fun, right?