Litter Critter

I’ve got a thing for…garbage. Yes garbage, it may sound a little odd but it drives me crazy nature is infected with litter as it was recently on a potentially beautiful beach in Florida. All our senses were being stimulated – fresh air filling up our lungs, waves crashing, salt water dusting our … Continue reading Implore


30 Days of Something

If you read my latest book, The Try Angle – A New Slant on Life (if you haven’t, shame shame – go get it right now – I’ll wait…           ) then you may know that one of my 50 challenges in my 50th year was to go Vegan for … Continue reading 30 Days of Something


It’s a Love Story

Whatever you think of V-Day, in the spirit of the month of Love, I bring to you this three minute masterpiece of nature. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Take a peek-I’ll wait… What did you think? This video made me ponder about the time, care and effort I … Continue reading It’s a Love Story


Do you get Annoyed?

Do you get Annoyed

  My seat-mate on a recent flight told me about a call she received from her ex-husband. He was driving down the highway and saw what he thought was her Dad sitting on the trunk of his car reading a newspaper on the side of the road. It turns out … Continue reading Do you get Annoyed?


Ay Caramba

It’s always a beautiful end to my year, the annual conference for my professional speaking association (CAPS). This year I was not on stage and I did not have a big volunteer role, mostly I was there to learn, share, grow and belong – the four words that encapsulate our … Continue reading Ay Caramba