2 Tips to for Getting Unstuck

I had such an inspiring radio interview with prolific author BJ Daniels recently.  She is living her dream writing romance suspense novels for the Harlequin Intrigue series. We met by happenstance and I instantly knew she was someone I wanted to know more about.

The passion in her voice was felt through the air waves as she told her story of the road to success and implored people to keep their dreams alive and write, write, write!  Probably what was most shocking was when she revealed that even she doesn’t know how her novels are going to end. In fact, she said she gets goose bumps as the mystery is getting closer to being solved!

I was curious as to how she keep the ideas flowing more than 60 novels later, she said stepping away from the project for a time helps as does emailing herself a question.

Her answers reminded me of those times when an answer to a problem would not come now matter how hard I thought about it. Then I went for a walk, had a shower, took a break and pow the answer came with such obviousness I couldn’t believe that I didn’t see it before. Has that ever happened to you?  In fact, the answer so often comes to me when I am in the bathroom, that I have started keeping a dry erase marker in there so I can write notes on the mirror so I don’t forget!

I had never thought of emailing myself the question in question – but that is a great idea and I can see it working – I will definitely try  that one.

Creativity, focus, dedication to her craft and a fine appreciation of the gift she has nurtured since childhood served as a great inspiration to me. BJ is a great example of how following your passion, working hard, believing in yourself can lead to living Your Life, Unlimited! Congratulations BJ, more power to you!

You can find out more about her work at www.BJDaniels.com as well as download a complimentary e-book!



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