Better Relationships…

Feel Good

                                Today’s going to be fast but important. You want to have a better relationship with… anyone? It’s really simple, make people feel good about themselves! Coming from a place of being genuine, real, truthful … Continue reading Better Relationships…


Good Vibes


It’s a rarity, but poof we hunkered down in the studio and now there are two new Your Life, Unlimited radio show’s from  CJOB, and you can listen and download the shows on iTunes now. Hey maybe subscribe while you are there! Listen in as I talked to Ian McCausland, a talented and inspiring … Continue reading Good Vibes


Women Fly!


Yay women!! We rock and this week on Your Life, Unlimited radio on CJOB  I learned you can fly before you drive, literally! The 99’s are a global women’s aviation group that supports women who have an affinity for all things aviation. I have been fortunate enough to fly with … Continue reading Women Fly!


Don’t Hover

Stephanie Staples

It takes a lot to get me out of my comfort zone but Teri Hofford yanked me out! This spitfire photographer does more than just photography, she changes the way women interact with their bodies. Teri’s specialty is Boudoir Photography or as she more appropriately calls it, Empowerment Photography. To say … Continue reading Don’t Hover


Encourage Curiosity

Listen with Curiosity

                                Curiosity may have killed the cat but for the most part it can help you grow your world. Here are ten reasons to encourage curiosity in yourself and others… It makes life more interesting … Continue reading Encourage Curiosity




This week on CJOB and featured on the Your Life, Unlimited blog, I spoke with Tammy Guffey about her idea: PRE-Thank You. Also on the show was Michael Bayer of Lean Consulting Group  who talks about how he uses lean principles to help people become more efficient and effective in their … Continue reading aPREciation!


There I am, being human again.

Believe Let Life Evolve!

Do something fun. Recently I asked my audience to make tent cards with their name (or whatever name they wanted to be called that day). I didn’t notice Francesca’s last name on her name card until lunchtime.  It said “Franseca Bananahammer!” “Hmmm, what’s up with this?” I asked, picking up … Continue reading There I am, being human again.