Don’t Hover

Stephanie Staples

It takes a lot to get me out of my comfort zone but Teri Hofford yanked me out! This spitfire photographer does more than just photography, she changes the way women interact with their bodies. Teri’s specialty is Boudoir Photography or as she more appropriately calls it, Empowerment Photography. To say … Continue reading Don’t Hover


Resiliency Ninja

Allison Graham

  I had a super interesting convo on Your Life, Unlimited radio on CJOB radio with Bonnie Mikaluk, whose husband I innocently hugged after a business meeting and wow, did a story unfold after that! AND… It’s a party on a bike, lights, music, fun! You can control your own … Continue reading Resiliency Ninja


Just Love

It's Nice to be Seen.

A relation of mine and I had a blow up recently. The two of us, normally rational adults who get along just fine – were at odds. It was awful, uncomfortable and sad. He was upset and I was crying. For over an hour we dumped our issues on the … Continue reading Just Love


Encourage Curiosity

Listen with Curiosity

                                Curiosity may have killed the cat but for the most part it can help you grow your world. Here are ten reasons to encourage curiosity in yourself and others… It makes life more interesting … Continue reading Encourage Curiosity


What’s happening next?

Pay attention to what’s happening next. I was in the security line the other day, you know, where you put all your worldly possessions on trays? The man in front of me loaded his stuff into the trays and then took out two extra trays for the next person. In … Continue reading What’s happening next?




The risk of insult is the price of clarity. Gair Maxwell, author of the upcoming book, The Reinvention Code watched me do my keynote live and then joined me for this week’s radio show. We talked about his concept of “Climbing Down” – leaving our perch of arrogance and walking the … Continue reading Reinvention


What Motivates You?


This is going to sound odd and I’m just telling the essence of the story but … I told a woman I was working with that I thought she was beautiful. Immediately tears welled up in her eyes and she began to cry. “I’m not.” she replied. It was so … Continue reading What Motivates You?


What’s Your Word?


Replace a word. There is one word you say. A lot. It’s not a happy word. It’s not a good word. It’s not a positive word. But you sure like to say it and it’s not serving you well. What is your word? But Just Whatever Always Never Fine I … Continue reading What’s Your Word?


There I am, being human again.

Believe Let Life Evolve!

Do something fun. Recently I asked my audience to make tent cards with their name (or whatever name they wanted to be called that day). I didn’t notice Francesca’s last name on her name card until lunchtime.  It said “Franseca Bananahammer!” “Hmmm, what’s up with this?” I asked, picking up … Continue reading There I am, being human again.