Begin Now


Yeah to you! It seems sometimes that life is pretty hard. It’s a struggle, it’s an uphill climb. We work, we try, we fight and still we end up on the bottom rung  getting stepped on time and time again. But wait…does life have to be a struggle? What if … Continue reading Begin Now


The Power of Your Mind


Spending time with Hypnotherapist Roman Buchok ([email protected]) can be life-changing.  Roman harnesses the power of the subconscious to help you reach your goals and create a you  that you are proud of. I’ve been spending some time with him lately to help me curb my unhealthy eating habits.  The struggle that … Continue reading The Power of Your Mind


Your Love, Your Teen and You


So many great ideas tips to share in this week’s Your Life, Unlimited radio show, it was chalk full of learning and inspiration! First up in the spirit of the month of LOVE was a few tips for yours truely to keep your love relationship in top shape. Three quick … Continue reading Your Love, Your Teen and You


Fostering Fabulous Teams


This week’s radio show was the last one before Valentine’s Day so I left a few ideas on the table for you to consider for your honey or even for a colleague or friend. 1) On a deck of card, use a marker a write one reason per card. 52 … Continue reading Fostering Fabulous Teams


The Best Mind is a Mastermind!


Laurel Kidder, Deb Dawson-Dunn and myself began coaching when most people had no idea what personal coaching was.  Fast forward ten years  and everyone has a coach, wants a coach, knows a coach or is a coach. Three of us ladies have formed a Mastermind group where we meet regularly … Continue reading The Best Mind is a Mastermind!