Advice on Advice


I love advice.  Especially good advice, especially good advice from someone who has been there, experienced that and come out with positive results on the other side. Because I am very receptive and interested in getting advice, I assume everyone else feels the same way. Because … sometimes I love … Continue reading Advice on Advice


Bury the Box


What if we could never get stuck again? What if we never ran out of ideas? What if we used tools to help us generate an endless stream of ideas? Enter the author of THINK BETTER, Tim Hurson – enjoy our interview here and learn some new tools for thinking better! … Continue reading Bury the Box


Just be Honest…


Enjoy the podcast of Your Life, Unlimited with my guest Steven Gaffney, author of Just be Honest and other personal development books.  We had a fun and enlightening conversation and as a little bonus I talk about a recent find at the toy store and what learning came from it. … Continue reading Just be Honest…


Are you an Absolutist?


What do you know to the very core of your being with absolute certainty?  Great question to spur some interesting discussions around the dinner table. Laurie Langcaster, author of the newly released Absolutist Guide to Love. She claims it’s the last relationship book you will ever have to read – … Continue reading Are you an Absolutist?


Create a SPECTACULAR Year!


Every year at this time I choose a word of focus for the new year ahead. It has been a powerful exercise that has allowed me clarity and direction throughout the year. I don’t  know why I never thought of it before, but this year I decided to talk with … Continue reading Create a SPECTACULAR Year!


Advice is for Winners!


Your Life, Unlimited –  On this week’s radio show Raul Valdes-Perex, PhD  the author of Advice is For Winners – How to Get Advice for Better Decisions in Life and Work shares with us why and how we should be asking for advice. A little later in the  show, personal trainer and … Continue reading Advice is for Winners!


What’s Most Important?


Who isn’t interested in making relationships better? My conversation with Executive Coach Steve Lishansky on Your Life, Unlimited radio proves it doesn’t have to be that hard. Enjoy his guest post here and you can listen to our entire July 12, 2013 CJOB radio interview here as  a podcast: High … Continue reading What’s Most Important?