Congratulations, you’ve got Steph booked for your special event!
You now have a partner that is committed to helping you make your job easier, making your audience happy and making you a hero!

If you haven’t already received the agreement, it will be coming to you shortly. Please sign and return along with the investment to ensure your event date is confirmed especially for your group.

This page will make will help us move forward with ease…

Optimal room set-up:

  • Lights up and everyone awake please!
  • Lavaliere, Countryman or wireless mic of some sort – Steph will be moving – very likely both on the stage and off.
  • Steph is vertically challenged so to ensure everyone has a great view, if there is not official stage, a riser would is great, or she can stand on someone’s shoulders. 🙂
  • No podium or lectern please, if one is needed for another presenter, please have it off to the side for Steph’s time on stage.
  • If there is a head table on stage, please move it off or to the back of the stage. Oh gosh, please don’t make people sit there during the presentation, that happened once and their view was yucky and it’s just  awkward all around.
  • A small table on stage, cocktail or otherwise, for water and some items she uses during the program would be very much appreciated.
  • A bar stool (hold the bar) on stage is an added bonus, if it’s not too much trouble.
  • Let’s talk about your room set up on the phone and how to get your people up as close as possible to get the full Steph – Effect!

With your permission, Steph may have educational products available for sale after the event. If so, a table to display and autograph them would be great!

Steph’s cell is 204.227.2165,  call or text her if you are stressed about anything, she will talk  you down from the ledge!

Otherwise, you can be sure she will speak with you before the event to ensure everyone is on the right track.  She will contact you immediately upon her arrival so you can breathe a little easier.

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