Start Where You Are!


Last week I talked to you about the Sun Halo and being Suddenly in Awe, but there was more to the day than what was happening in the sky. Down on the ground, on the luscious castle greens (the photo is of Hatley Castle at Royal Roads University), my artist friend had … Continue reading Start Where You Are!


Enclothed Cognition


Enclothed Cognition What the heck is that? I remember the first day I put them on. I would never have purchased them but I raised the ‘magic number’ of dollars for the Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Bike Tour and I received them. Since they and the matching riding top were emblazoned … Continue reading Enclothed Cognition


Natural Stress Relievers

  Do you remember my Anti-Stress blog post? Well Lucy Grover with Positive Health Wellness sure did and was kind enough to pass along some information to share with my wonderful readers! Check it out below. 🙂 *** Stephanie Staples, CSP* is the author of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating … Continue reading Natural Stress Relievers


Stop Counting on Willpower


Stop counting on willpower. Have you been envious of people who seem to have so much willpower it never seems to wane? Well if it makes you feel any better, nobody, no – no – nobody has infinite willpower to behave exactly as they wished from now until eternity. And, … Continue reading Stop Counting on Willpower


Crazy, Busy, Nuts!


I don’t know about you, but I’m busy.  Busy, crazy, nuts. But I never use those words – they don’t serve me well. Still, if you are like me you spend much of your time doing and very little time being. I have committed to spending 24 hours in silence … Continue reading Crazy, Busy, Nuts!


How to Eat Chocolate and Laugh More!

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You probably don’t have to develop a hankering for chocolate, but perhaps you might need to develop a perspective for humour? Either way, we’d got something for you today with two delicious topics! Author of Chocolatour, A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate, Doreen Pendgracs  shares everything you ever wanted to … Continue reading How to Eat Chocolate and Laugh More!