About Your Friends…


Old friends, new friends. Quiet friends, loud friends. Big friends, small friends. Cue in Dr. Seuss here. We have been in our new home on Vancouver Island for seven months now – half a country away from the only home we ever knew in Manitoba. Far away from all of … Continue reading About Your Friends…


Letting Go


                Imagine the last conversation you ever had with your soul mate was not a good one. It’s too late for what if’s and should have’s. Tragically widowed at 32, Maryanne Pope’s life was not at all what she’d planned it to be. … Continue reading Letting Go


Resiliency Ninja

Allison Graham

  I had a super interesting convo on Your Life, Unlimited radio on CJOB radio with Bonnie Mikaluk, whose husband I innocently hugged after a business meeting and wow, did a story unfold after that! AND… It’s a party on a bike, lights, music, fun! You can control your own … Continue reading Resiliency Ninja


Combat Minor Aggravations


Minor aggravations can be a major pain and a major waste of your precious resourses. Don’t let minor aggravations ruin your day. Minor aggravations are things that will not be important next year, next month, probably not even next week. Maybe not even in the next hour! Think traffics, store … Continue reading Combat Minor Aggravations


Consider being Wrong


Consider what you may learn, if you are open to being wrong. My wonderful friend and amazing comedian, Big Daddy Tazz, posted this conversation he overheard the other day between a grandfather and his grandson. Grandfather: “Rory you’re putting jam on the wrong side of the toast.” Rory: “No I’m … Continue reading Consider being Wrong


Stop Counting on Willpower


Stop counting on willpower. Have you been envious of people who seem to have so much willpower it never seems to wane? Well if it makes you feel any better, nobody, no – no – nobody has infinite willpower to behave exactly as they wished from now until eternity. And, … Continue reading Stop Counting on Willpower