When things don’t go your way


An unexpected tie up in traffic. Getting cut off in traffic. Just traffic in general! The restaurant choice you liked the least. A rude customer service agent. When your favourite item at the bakery is all sold out.;) When things don’t go your way what is your automatic first response? … Continue reading When things don’t go your way


Scrabble My Life!

Scrabble My Life

Happy New Year! I hope you had a memorable holiday season and are ready to start 2018 with a renewed gusto for betting living! I’m excited because just today, after stewing about it for some time, I planned my theme for the year and it’s different than it’s ever been. … Continue reading Scrabble My Life!


Tu Vide, Ilimitada!


                If you followed my recent luggage losing saga in Peru, you may remember I mentioned that we had to literally repurchase/replace every little thing for our hiking expedition. Even if you love shopping (which I don’t) this was not a fun experience. … Continue reading Tu Vide, Ilimitada!


Letting Go


                Imagine the last conversation you ever had with your soul mate was not a good one. It’s too late for what if’s and should have’s. Tragically widowed at 32, Maryanne Pope’s life was not at all what she’d planned it to be. … Continue reading Letting Go


Four Letter Word


In case you didn’t know, I was in Vegas that fateful weekend and was as physically close as I have ever been to a world tragedy, in fact, I walked by where people were running to just 30 minutes prior. Along with silent thoughts and prayer, I share some public … Continue reading Four Letter Word


Best Day of my Life


  As you may or may not know (or care) I have recently fallen in love with a little tan man named Luke. Well technically he’s not really a man, he’s a ukulele, he’s my Lukelele! As a non-musical person for the first 50 years of my life, this little … Continue reading Best Day of my Life


Change Your Part


I’m still trying to deal with the ongoing saga of my hair regrowing. Every day is a new adventure! My hair stylist was kind enough to not cut my hair but give me a lesson on how to handle this new part of my life. Speaking of part…she said the … Continue reading Change Your Part


No Apologies


I feel pretty comfortable sharing my thoughts with you but today, this post is really personal. I have kept it under wraps for quite a few months, I was not ready to share it publicly – but I’m ready now. Sort of. Gulp. I guess I am ready now because I … Continue reading No Apologies


What’s Your Theme?

What if I tried to add humour in unexpected places?

It’s been going on for quite a few years now, granted some years it’s better and more productive than others. But in every case, its been a good thing.   What is it? It’s the annual theme/word of the year.   Something to encourage focus and attention on for an … Continue reading What’s Your Theme?


More Than Enough

Jessica Pettitt

Make your passwords something that are positive. My smile of the day – my friend told me that I’m one of her passwords. That is, she uses my name as part of her login security. Hey, any friend can send you a card but I thought this was the sweetest … Continue reading More Than Enough