A Place called Gratitude


On the same day I ran across two very different people. One told me she knows it’s been a great day if she loses track of how many times she has said thank you (either in her head or out loud). If it was too many to count at the … Continue reading A Place called Gratitude


2017 Audience Feedback

In 2017 from the big city of Dubai to a wee town in rural Arkansas, from physicians to maintenance workers, I continued to make my living getting on a plane and a stage to inspire and uplift people to bring their ‘A’ game to work & life. Everyday they turned … Continue reading 2017 Audience Feedback


Change Your Life


Everyone has them, those pivotal moments in your life that change everything. Many times those moments are associated with people and in my life Benita Stafford-Smith was that person. A stranger that I trusted,  led me into a world I could never, ever have imagined having. On this week’s Your … Continue reading Change Your Life


More than Talent

what's stopping you

Meet some young people with drive, ambition and heart! Gordon Plant, Gina Fontaine and Taylor Janzen talked about Winnipeg’s Got Talent 2, while Mark Green and Andrew Gritzmaker talk with me about entrepreneurship, confidence and giving back. It’s positive momentum at it’s finest. I left inspired and I hope you … Continue reading More than Talent


What Motivates You?


This is going to sound odd and I’m just telling the essence of the story but … I told a woman I was working with that I thought she was beautiful. Immediately tears welled up in her eyes and she began to cry. “I’m not.” she replied. It was so … Continue reading What Motivates You?




This week on CJOB and featured on the Your Life, Unlimited blog, I spoke with Tammy Guffey about her idea: PRE-Thank You. Also on the show was Michael Bayer of Lean Consulting Group  who talks about how he uses lean principles to help people become more efficient and effective in their … Continue reading aPREciation!


More Than Enough

Jessica Pettitt

Make your passwords something that are positive. My smile of the day – my friend told me that I’m one of her passwords. That is, she uses my name as part of her login security. Hey, any friend can send you a card but I thought this was the sweetest … Continue reading More Than Enough


Decisions, Decisions!


What’s your purpose this week? To get through it. To get as much done as possible? To stay out of trouble? To leave your mark on our world. When my friend Wendy moved from California to Manitoba, her friend sent her off with this inspirational instruction. “Go put your ‘W’ … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions!


Expect the Best of Change

move through discomfort

When dining out, a friend of mine does something a little unusual.  When the waiter comes over to introduce himself, Brian asks, “Are you the very best waiter in this restaurant?”  As you would guess, the serving staff almost always answers, “Yes, of course!” Brian is a clever man, what … Continue reading Expect the Best of Change