Resiliency Ninja

Allison Graham

  I had a super interesting convo on Your Life, Unlimited radio on CJOB radio with Bonnie Mikaluk, whose husband I innocently hugged after a business meeting and wow, did a story unfold after that! AND… It’s a party on a bike, lights, music, fun! You can control your own … Continue reading Resiliency Ninja


Light it Up!

Be You!

  I can’t count the number of flights I have been on in the last year. I pretty much get on a plane to go to work. The glamour of being a professional speaker is balanced with the exhaustion, loneliness and tedium that comes with business travel. Once in awhile, … Continue reading Light it Up!


Invisible Threads

Invisible Thread

  Seven point four billion. That’s the current estimate for our world’s population. Yet even with those odds, here we are thrown together by chance and by choices made – some by us, some by other people. We are reading this same email, hearing the same messages, enjoying the same … Continue reading Invisible Threads


No Apologies


I feel pretty comfortable sharing my thoughts with you but today, this post is really personal. I have kept it under wraps for quite a few months, I was not ready to share it publicly – but I’m ready now. Sort of. Gulp. I guess I am ready now because I … Continue reading No Apologies


Give it Up!


Who talks about giving at the end of February?! The holidays have passed, Valentine’s Day is over, what is left to give? PLENTY in my books! In fact, some of my most favourite types of giving occurs when it’s not the ‘have to give’ kind of giving. For example: You … Continue reading Give it Up!


Hope and Confidence

Hope and confidence – sometimes it comes from the inside out and other times it comes from the outside in! Once in a while we need someone to believe in us more than we believe in ourselves – if you find yourselves lacking hope and/or confidence tell someone you love … Continue reading Hope and Confidence


Natural Stress Relievers

  Do you remember my Anti-Stress blog post? Well Lucy Grover with Positive Health Wellness sure did and was kind enough to pass along some information to share with my wonderful readers! Check it out below. 🙂 *** Stephanie Staples, CSP* is the author of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating … Continue reading Natural Stress Relievers