Raise Restraining Device


If you’ve ever been downhill skiing, you’ve seen this sign before you got off the chair-lift: Raise Restraining Device. Most likely these words didn’t change your life, but they inspired Steph Jagger to change hers. In UNBOUND – Finding Myself on the Top of the World Jagger shares her story … Continue reading Raise Restraining Device



Love what they Love

I was fortunate enough to have three healthy children. We rarely made a trip to the hospital, they did well in school and were relatively trouble-free. Not every family breezes through child raising as lucky as we were. Childhood illnesses, behaviour challenges and learning struggles all add to the already … Continue reading Neurodiversity


Change Your Part


I’m still trying to deal with the ongoing saga of my hair regrowing. Every day is a new adventure! My hair stylist was kind enough to not cut my hair but give me a lesson on how to handle this new part of my life. Speaking of part…she said the … Continue reading Change Your Part