Embrace, Inspire, Lead


  Two ‘leading’ ladies joined me on CJOB radio for this week’s Your Life, Unlimited show. Your Grow Advisor, Wendy Hofford and I discussed the benefits Strength Based Development via the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment. This tool allows you to find your unique signature themes and plan a process of … Continue reading Embrace, Inspire, Lead


Truth and Consequences

Just Steph

My name is Stephanie Staples. They call me a Motivational Speaker. My ‘job’ is to inspire, motivation and educate people. I travel all over North America. I love my job. I get paid to speak. My husband says he would pay me to shut up. Lol Some people think I … Continue reading Truth and Consequences


Ubering Through Life

The right thing

    By the time he dropped me off I had tears in my ears. I know there is controversy about Uber, personally, I have enjoyed the service on my trips out of town. Every time – without exception – I have been met by a very friendly driver, in … Continue reading Ubering Through Life


Don’t Hover

Stephanie Staples

It takes a lot to get me out of my comfort zone but Teri Hofford yanked me out! This spitfire photographer does more than just photography, she changes the way women interact with their bodies. Teri’s specialty is Boudoir Photography or as she more appropriately calls it, Empowerment Photography. To say … Continue reading Don’t Hover


Pathway to an Amicability


  Tracey Code, Commercial Banker at RBC shared a cool after work idea that accomplished at least four things 1) helping people declutter. 2) Saving money 3) Helping those in need 4) socializing with colleagues! Adopting the guidelines from Oprah’s Clothing Swap, she organizes clothing swaps at her work which … Continue reading Pathway to an Amicability


Make Your Heart Smile

Kate Ferris and "Penny"

Lots of time in life things just don’t line up the way you plan it. And so it was today on Your Life, Unlimited radio (cjob.com) that my first guest did not show up. Hmm..what to do? So I talked, I talked to you, the audience like we were sharing … Continue reading Make Your Heart Smile


Create Your Own Results


You can’t have negative thoughts when you are giving from a place of love. Laurie Guest, author of Wrapped in Stillness, A Personal Retreat Guide joined me on Your Life, Unlimited radio on CJOB. As a fellow ‘motivational speaker’ – call us that if you must – we knocked around … Continue reading Create Your Own Results


This and That

Medical Tourism

This time on CJOB Radio… Gabriella Love is so committed to a cause, a positive shift, so she changed her last name to Love to subliminally send a message of love out into the world. This spunky Air Canada flight attendant likes starting projects almost as much as I do! … Continue reading This and That


The Secret Marathon

The Secret Marathon

Imagine having stones thrown at you while you are running. Imagine having to run in circles in private to save yourself from danger. Martin Parnell and I sat down for a chat on Your Life, Unlimited Radio on CJOB and talk about inspiration.  The author of Marathon Quest, the man ran 250 marathons with … Continue reading The Secret Marathon


A Time to Tell

Back in Time

It had been decades since I’d last seen him. I was an impressionable 17 year old – aren’t we all at that age – and it seemed to me that he had it all. Even though he didn’t come from a life of privilege, quite the opposite in fact, this … Continue reading A Time to Tell