Letting Go


                Imagine the last conversation you ever had with your soul mate was not a good one. It’s too late for what if’s and should have’s. Tragically widowed at 32, Maryanne Pope’s life was not at all what she’d planned it to be. … Continue reading Letting Go


Four Letter Word


In case you didn’t know, I was in Vegas that fateful weekend and was as physically close as I have ever been to a world tragedy, in fact, I walked by where people were running to just 30 minutes prior. Along with silent thoughts and prayer, I share some public … Continue reading Four Letter Word


Good Vibes


It’s a rarity, but poof we hunkered down in the studio and now there are two new Your Life, Unlimited radio show’s from  CJOB, and you can listen and download the shows on iTunes now. Hey maybe subscribe while you are there! Listen in as I talked to Ian McCausland, a talented and inspiring … Continue reading Good Vibes




  Is there a question that you often are asked that you dread answering? For me the question is “What do you do?” It’s a simple and common question and I know that the correct answer isn’t, “I don’t know.” Yet after 10 plus years in the speaking business, after … Continue reading Vitality


The Next Ten Years


He said, “I’m not going to live past 64.” “Why would you say that?” I asked the random stranger that I had struck up a convo with (‘cause that’s what I do). “Oh, I don’t know, I’ve just always thought that. I have ten more years left and I’m living … Continue reading The Next Ten Years


Change Your Life


Everyone has them, those pivotal moments in your life that change everything. Many times those moments are associated with people and in my life Benita Stafford-Smith was that person. A stranger that I trusted,  led me into a world I could never, ever have imagined having. On this week’s Your … Continue reading Change Your Life