Your Anti-Stress Regime


Ever been stressed?  lol There are of course, different types of stress, honing in on what type of stress is causing your angst can help you get over it quicker. Physical stress is pretty easy to identify, it’s a threat to our physical body. Mental or emotional stress is a … Continue reading Your Anti-Stress Regime




This week on CJOB and featured on the Your Life, Unlimited blog, I spoke with Tammy Guffey about her idea: PRE-Thank You. Also on the show was Michael Bayer of Lean Consulting Group  who talks about how he uses lean principles to help people become more efficient and effective in their … Continue reading aPREciation!


Pushing Through

Pushing Through blog pic

Now I like to have fun just as much as the next guy – possibly more. And I like a good challenge too. But when I signed on the dotted line to run the Las Vegas Rock and Rock Marathon in November of this year, I had no idea how … Continue reading Pushing Through