Never Be the Same


Try Something New. As I make my way through my 50/50 list, the list of experiences I am adding to my life in my 50th year, I am met by all sorts of interesting comments from others. Some are impressed, some are inspired, some just shake their heads, but most … Continue reading Never Be the Same


Easy to Forget

IMG_2171 (1)

Acknowledge those that are easy to forget. Have you ever thought to notice who’s invisible in your life? Perhaps it’s your bus driver, mailman, service provider? The clerk behind the counter, the guy that fixes your car? Recently we had a fellow come it to refit our bath tub. Numerous … Continue reading Easy to Forget


Comparison is the Thief of Joy


I stumbled upon this site called Brief but Spectacular and there I met this 94 year old powerhouse – and today I’d like to quote her thoughts on aging… “And there is always the possibility that romance comes your way.  Just liking someone is a treat because part of being … Continue reading Comparison is the Thief of Joy


Stifle the Ughs

Version 2

I heard a discussion on the radio about Sofia Loren and her ‘secrets’ for positive aging. Now many of us have a different type of beauty than she exudes and I confess to thinking that it was highly unlikely that any thing she said would apply to me. But, as … Continue reading Stifle the Ughs