That’s Enough.


Get ready, I’m on a rant. A poetic rant – but it’s a rant nonetheless. Enjoy. Or not. Either way, it felt good to get it out. The best or nothing, Go big or go home, You can have it all Rah, rah, I want to be your cheerleader, your … Continue reading That’s Enough.


Smile on the Inside


Meet Sean, the shoelace guy. I meet him last week. Sean, a nice, young, corporate guy dressed in the tidy requisite suit caught my attention. Not because of his smiling face but because of his shoelaces. Yep, his perfectly polished brown dress shoes were adorned with lime green shoelaces. Hmmm, … Continue reading Smile on the Inside


Crazy, Busy, Nuts!


I don’t know about you, but I’m busy.  Busy, crazy, nuts. But I never use those words – they don’t serve me well. Still, if you are like me you spend much of your time doing and very little time being. I have committed to spending 24 hours in silence … Continue reading Crazy, Busy, Nuts!


Discerning to Resolve


Whether you believe in them or not, whether you call them resolutions, commitments, affirmations, intentions or whatever… they can, and have, worked for thousands of people across borders – why not make them work for you? Here are a few ways to increase the likelihood of making 2016 one outstanding … Continue reading Discerning to Resolve


GROW into it!


Every year, I choose a theme.  I choose a word to wrap my year around. A word to help give me focus and clarity. After careful consideration and lots of conversations with my favourite person, the word to focus on for this year has finally been settled on. Our word … Continue reading GROW into it!