I Love Me More Than Sugar


They say when you are ready the teacher will appear and so he did. About three weeks into my self-imposed 50 day sugar-free retreat, I was connected with Barry Friedman, author of I Love Me More Than Sugar. His enthusiam for being sugar free is (almost) contagious! Almost 4 years into ‘the … Continue reading I Love Me More Than Sugar


Unconscious Acts

unconcious acts of love

I asked the flight attendant my ‘famous’ question, “Tell me something beautiful, loving or kind you have seen done on a plane.” This smiling woman didn’t even have to think, she answered immediately. “That’s easy, it’s when I see a couple who are sitting across the isle from each other … Continue reading Unconscious Acts


Decisions, Decisions!


What’s your purpose this week? To get through it. To get as much done as possible? To stay out of trouble? To leave your mark on our world. When my friend Wendy moved from California to Manitoba, her friend sent her off with this inspirational instruction. “Go put your ‘W’ … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions!


Helping People & Yourself

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Help people, and yourself, feel included. Have you ever walked into a room and not known anyone? It’s kind of a yucky feeling looking around for someone to talk to when you see every one else is already in little groups conversing. Next time you spy someone walk into a … Continue reading Helping People & Yourself