Out of Order


I passed by a drink machine the other day and the sign said Out of Order. Oh man, that sign resonated with me at that moment. I had felt out of order for the last few days.It was the weekend and we expect them all to be good, ’cause – … Continue reading Out of Order


Peak Performance


Thought for the week, if plan ‘A’ doesn’t work there are 25 more letters in the alphabet! Too often we quit if our first try doesn’t work.  Come on, we are more creative than that! Pull out – or create – plan C, D, E…L,M,N,O, P! *** Holy crow – … Continue reading Peak Performance


What’s Driving You Crazy?


What’s driving you crazy this week?  Something at home? At work? Something about yourself that is pushing you to the edge this week? Today here are a few options for dealing with difficult situations. You can do nothing and complain about it and let it negatively affect others areas of … Continue reading What’s Driving You Crazy?