Expect the Best of Change

move through discomfort

When dining out, a friend of mine does something a little unusual.  When the waiter comes over to introduce himself, Brian asks, “Are you the very best waiter in this restaurant?”  As you would guess, the serving staff almost always answers, “Yes, of course!” Brian is a clever man, what … Continue reading Expect the Best of Change


Falling ain’t so Bad


This week I had a lot of falls. 1) I spoke at a national nursing conference and instead of taking one of the two sets of stairs on either side of the stage, I decided to hop back onto the stage in the middle and splat. With the grace of … Continue reading Falling ain’t so Bad


Patience Grasshopper …


Be patient.  If you are have been starting to eat healthier or exercise or work on a new project, you may get frustrated because you aren’t seeing changes or feeling as different as quickly as you had hoped. Be patient. Change takes time. Be patient. Positive change is worth waiting … Continue reading Patience Grasshopper …