Things that Matter


Want to do something that matters? Donate something this week. Call Big Brother’s or The Diabetes Collection Crew or whatever charity in your town does donation pick up and arrange a date for them to stop by. Then: Dig around in the closet and fill up a box with things … Continue reading Things that Matter


How to Eat Chocolate and Laugh More!

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You probably don’t have to develop a hankering for chocolate, but perhaps you might need to develop a perspective for humour? Either way, we’d got something for you today with two delicious topics! Author of Chocolatour, A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate, Doreen Pendgracs  shares everything you ever wanted to … Continue reading How to Eat Chocolate and Laugh More!


Making Mealtimes Rock!


Don’t underestimate the family meals. So many families, with the rush of scheduling, are not getting the full bang for their buck at mealtime. Eating together is about more than just eating together. Here are a few things that you can implement this week to make family mealtimes more meaningful … Continue reading Making Mealtimes Rock!


Small Talk Leads to BIG Talk

small talk

Developing a strong character, generally we don’t think too much about our character, we just carry on our merry way. This week spend a bit of time reflecting… • Character traits do you currently possess that you are very proud of. Make of list of these traits and ask people … Continue reading Small Talk Leads to BIG Talk