What do you value most?


If I asked what on this earth you value the most, I’ll bet you would say your family. Nice. But, I’m going to push the envelop on this one, even though that would be my first go-to answer as well. Today, consider a shift of your mindset a bit. What … Continue reading What do you value most?


i on Adventure!


Create a yearly theme. Just say ‘Yes!’ Wake up curious. This was just some of the advise gleamed from our adventurous guests on Your Life, Unlimited this week. My first mentor, Benita Stafford-Smith – the person that I credit with getting me on track 10 years ago joined me on … Continue reading i on Adventure!


What is Sacrosanct to You?


This week mull over the word sacrosanct.  Sacrosanct is something sacred, respected, something regarded as too important or too valuable to be interfered with. So many important acts these days get pushed to the background to make room for other non-essential tasks. What if you could decide what things are … Continue reading What is Sacrosanct to You?