Meaningful. What do you do everyday that is meaningful to you? Sometime we only realize that things are (or were) meaningful when we can’t do them anymore. When those things are taken away from us due to illness, injury or circumstance. They may be simple things like being able to … Continue reading Meaningful…


Listful Thinking


I stood behind a woman in line the other day, she looked very pretty but acted very ugly. She was rude, short and condescending to the clerk who was trying to help her. Now I don’t know her story, so I can’t, well I least I shouldn’t, judge what she … Continue reading Listful Thinking


How Can I Be a Better…


The hubby and I are into our 32 year of togetherness. Which is really hard to believe when we are only 38 years old but anyway… As you can imagine all of those years have been blissfully happy. Ahem, well there have been many, many happy times and admittedly many … Continue reading How Can I Be a Better…


BE the Difference!


Barbara Teicher, author of It’s HOW you say it, shared with us some great communication ideas on our Your Life, Unlimited radio show today. She shares her guest post here: BE the Difference Have you ever felt like you’ve attended a workshop because you needed to be “fixed?”  If so, you’re going … Continue reading BE the Difference!