You Hold Such Promise


What is the most important thing that someone has ever said to you? For Janie Jasin, speaker and author of multi-million copy seller, The Littlest Christmas Tree, it could very well be those words – “You hold such promise.” Join us on this week’s podcast as Janie shares her tools for … Continue reading You Hold Such Promise




We are driven by our need to realize our full potential, to make a difference and to constantly learn and evolve. I love the idea of inner-preneurship, businesses started to aid in our personal growth rather than that of a company’s. I know one of the reasons that I started my businesses, Your Life, Unlimited was … Continue reading Inner-preneurship


The Power of the Ask


Is it a bad thing to say I love my own show? I do, because I always leave the Your Life, Unlimited broadcast smiling, inspired and having learned something new. My wish is that you do too! My guests this week, both authors, speakers and all around great women were Michelle … Continue reading The Power of the Ask


Advice on Advice


I love advice.  Especially good advice, especially good advice from someone who has been there, experienced that and come out with positive results on the other side. Because I am very receptive and interested in getting advice, I assume everyone else feels the same way. Because … sometimes I love … Continue reading Advice on Advice


Conquering the Witch Within


For a woman ‘of that age’ Karel Murray is pretty amazing.  Just kidding, she is great for a woman of any age – but to get the insiders joke, you have to read her book, Conquering the Witch Within – Intergenerational Work Place Strategies that Create Real Results. Co-authored by … Continue reading Conquering the Witch Within


The Reluctant Pilgram


Imagine having a goal so big and a reason for doing it so small!  Such was the case for Paul Huschilt, my guest this week on Your Life, Unlimited radio. He agreed, without thinking, to join some friends on a 500 km journey across Spain, never fathoming the event would … Continue reading The Reluctant Pilgram