The New Math for Success


Prefer to listen to the podcast, go for it!  Your Life, Unlimited with Stephanie Staples & Christopher Bauer podcasted here. Ethics, morals, guiding principles – tough topics that don’t usually come up in conversations until there is an issue. They are tied in very much with integrity. Having high integrity is … Continue reading The New Math for Success


Good Food, Good Life


I love a lot of things in life. I love travel, I love people, I love animals, I love adventure – but one thing I really, really love is food. I love the smell of food, the texture of food – some soft, some crunchy and the temperature of food … Continue reading Good Food, Good Life


Winging it!


What do you do on live radio when your schedule guest in a different country does not pick up the phone? Panic of course!  Then, you take a deep breath and start looking around for  a Plan B. Just like in life. Things don’t often turn out how you plan … Continue reading Winging it!


Today is Your Day!


Welcome to today. Is it a typical day, a day like any other. Maybe the sun is shining, maybe it’s not. While it may appear that today is a day like any other. I invite you to take a closer look. Today is special, in fact it’s that only day … Continue reading Today is Your Day!


A House in the Sky


You are stronger than you think. When Amanda Lindhout was younger and she would hear about tragedies, she though that if she were in those shoes, she would never be able to overcome the adversity that other people had. She didn’t think she was strong enough. In her revealing memoir, … Continue reading A House in the Sky