Creating an Intentional Community


While traveling recently with a colleague who I hadn’t known very well, I couldn’t help but observe her behaviour over the number of days we were together.  Not only was she extremely polite to all the service personal, agents and other random folks that we encountered, she was very noticeably  … Continue reading Creating an Intentional Community


Creative Problem Solving


In my interview with Creative Problem Solving expert Win Wenger, PhD he shares his  sheer pleasure of heightened senses, heightened mental clarity, and of the things you find yourself able to do some of which are way beyond your likely expectations. There are two special addresses, free for your use, he … Continue reading Creative Problem Solving


One Step Further…


The ALS ice bucket challenge is all the rage right now –  listen in to the Your Life, Unlimited podcast this week and see how this young chick kicks it up a notch and challenges us to do the same. Also, Lisa Shaw shares her riveting experience with mental illness. … Continue reading One Step Further…


Banish the Boo’s!


Ahhh airing live, you just never know what may transpire.  And so it was on this week’s Your Life, Unlimited radio show that critical technical difficulties in the booth caused us to have the dreaded ‘dead air’ for a couple of minutes. While I was in the studio talking away … Continue reading Banish the Boo’s!