Try the Borscht.


Case one – I had my first bowl of borscht soup this week and it was good.  My whole life I refused to taste Borsch  solely on the basis that I thought I wouldn’t like it. I have no idea why I thought that – I just did, but I … Continue reading Try the Borscht.


Bury the Box


What if we could never get stuck again? What if we never ran out of ideas? What if we used tools to help us generate an endless stream of ideas? Enter the author of THINK BETTER, Tim Hurson – enjoy our interview here and learn some new tools for thinking better! … Continue reading Bury the Box


Your Romantic Relationship


What’s to be learned from a surprise birthday party, a random airline ticket and a South African robbery? Find out all that and listen in to a juicy, but tasteful, interview with the author of Sex in a Tent, Michelle Waitzman. You can listen to the entire  podcast here: Your Life, Unlimited with … Continue reading Your Romantic Relationship