Got Clout?


Clout – by definition can mean social power or influence, but today I had a great conversation with online tech guru and  co-author of the newly released book from McGraw-Hill, Klout Matters (, Mr. Terry Brock. You know how some people you just like and connect with instantly, well Terry is … Continue reading Got Clout?


Success, Willpower and You!


To get straight to the podcast, here you go…Your Life, Unlimited with Stephanie Staples and Charles Marcus If you are more of a reader, carry on… What could you do if you had more willpower, perhaps even better, what could you not do? You could not have dessert, not have … Continue reading Success, Willpower and You!


Why aren’t you more like me?


Talking with author Ken Keis, is like getting a firehose of personal growth information! This guy is fired up and passionate about helping people use assessment tools to discover and perhaps more importantly use their potential. His book entitled, Why aren’t you more like me? Discover the Secrets to Understanding … Continue reading Why aren’t you more like me?


And Then Some …


It was great chatting with experiential adventure educator Shawn Stratton this week. As the author of Teams on the Edge – Stories & Lessons from Wilderness Expeditions, Shawn has lead more than 200o days of  wilderness expeditions in some of the world’s harshest environments all over the world.  This may beg … Continue reading And Then Some …