What’s Most Important?


Who isn’t interested in making relationships better? My conversation with Executive Coach Steve Lishansky on Your Life, Unlimited radio proves it doesn’t have to be that hard. Enjoy his guest post here and you can listen to our entire July 12, 2013 CJOB radio interview here as  a podcast: http://www.cjob.com/Shows/Episodes.aspx?PID=2553. High … Continue reading What’s Most Important?


Be the 1st – July e-news


Chances are good most of us will not be coming in 1st in some major race but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the thrill of being first at other things. Why bother? Because it feels good, it sets a good example, it challenges you, it makes the world a … Continue reading Be the 1st – July e-news


Trust is a Must


With the perfect mix of fact and fiction, author Lea Brovedani’s new book entitled Trusted – A Leader’s Lesson delivers an enjoyable story and lessons (should you choose to see them) on how to increase, maintain and sustain trust in any relationship. Drawing from techniques in Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence and … Continue reading Trust is a Must