Sitting is Killing You


If I asked you how many hours a day you sat down – what would you say? Hint – it’s probably more than you think. As human beings we are not meant to sit all day. We are not mean to be sedentary and this lifestyle is killing us. Sitting … Continue reading Sitting is Killing You


Small Pleasures


I love marmalade! I hardly ever have it because no one in my house likes it so I don’t buy it. In fact, I don’t think I have ever actually bought a jar of marmalade in my whole adult life. When I go to a restaurant and the have those … Continue reading Small Pleasures


Motivational Mondays Review


April 22, 2013 keep our record of 4 out of 4 sold-out MoMondays in Winnipeg. It was another brilliant event that  left us inspired, enlightened and attuned to what really matters. Some of the things we do differently at MoMondays in Winnipeg is that: We always have musical entertainment prior … Continue reading Motivational Mondays Review


Find Your Funny


When you want to be more of something, go to the pros – that’s what I did when I wanted to add a little more ‘funny’ to my everyday life and work.  Dan Licoppe is the author of the recently published book, Unleash your Inner Comedian. Dan insists that we have all … Continue reading Find Your Funny


Reflect and Reframe


Daughter number one is a wonderful fundraiser, daughter number two – not so much so. So when daughter number two came to her mother (moi) and asked her to sponsor her for a fundraising event, the mother (moi) had a brilliant idea… “I will match whatever you raise.” Apparently this … Continue reading Reflect and Reframe


An Intimate Question


Whether you have been on a date recently or if you are like me and haven’t been on one in 25 years, whether you have kids that are dating or may date one day – you will learn something from reading May I Kiss You by Mike Domitrz. After receiving a … Continue reading An Intimate Question


What’s in a name?


Silke – pronounced (silk-ah) is Canadian nurse of German descent.  She is constantly being called Silkey and patiently corrects people as they quite innocently mispronounce her name due to our North American ways. In respect of her heritage, she is keeping the traditional spelling of her name. Gerdi, a Manitoban … Continue reading What’s in a name?