What do you believe?


  Inspired  by the book This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women  and it’s sequel which revealed insights from ‘regular’ men and women, I poised this question to a group of open-minded folks. Their first responses were the typical, off the cuff, humorous types of answers.  They answered things … Continue reading What do you believe?


Women of Strength


What do women of strength have in common. They are survivors, they are determined, they don’t let little things (or even big things) get in their way, they have a great support system and they love to share their successes to make other women stronger! Meet Kelly Falardeau of www.mykellyf.com … Continue reading Women of Strength


The Power of Your Voice


Nabil Doss is the voice of French Paramount Pictures in Canada and when he talks, people listen! His deep, rich voice stands out in a crowd, but I learned that he nurtures and trains his voice and he challenged us to do the same. You can listen to our March … Continue reading The Power of Your Voice


Begin Now


Yeah to you! It seems sometimes that life is pretty hard. It’s a struggle, it’s an uphill climb. We work, we try, we fight and still we end up on the bottom rung  getting stepped on time and time again. But wait…does life have to be a struggle? What if … Continue reading Begin Now


The Power of Your Mind


Spending time with Hypnotherapist Roman Buchok ([email protected]) can be life-changing.  Roman harnesses the power of the subconscious to help you reach your goals and create a you  that you are proud of. I’ve been spending some time with him lately to help me curb my unhealthy eating habits.  The struggle that … Continue reading The Power of Your Mind


MoMondays Winnipeg #3


With another sold-out event under our belt, we all already anticipating the April 22, 2013 evening (www.momondays.com), I highly suggest you get your tickets now for this inspiring event featuring real people, real stories and real inspiration (plus live local music). Here is a video montage: The March 22 event … Continue reading MoMondays Winnipeg #3